Please feel free to ask for information necessary for daily life, such as medical care, health and welfare, child care, etc., and also regarding culture and customs in daily activities.


2019/06/25 We have the flyer of Tagengo Navi ready/多言語ナビのチラシができました
We have the flyer of Tagengo Navi ready. You can find it here.
2019/06/06 Our service of Tagengo Navi is in 11 languages/多言語ナビは11言語で問合せできます
From June 2019, we start to attend in 5 additional languages: Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai and Nepali.
2019/06/06 年末年始の受付時間
年内は12月28日が最終日です。 電話・来所ともに受付は午後4時までです。 新年は1月4日午前9時からです。

Languages available from June 2019


〒221-0835 Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Tsuruya-cho 2-24-2
Kanagawa Kenmin Center 13F (Tagengo Shien Center Kanagawa)
5 mins walk from Yokohama station/West or North-West exit.


Tagengo Navi is operated by two organization which are entrusted by Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G).
Kanagawa International Foundation(KIF)
MIC Kanagawa (Multi-language Information Center Kanagawa)

運営に関するお問合せは、かながわ国際交流財団まで <TEL:045-620-4466>