⑯Entering nursery schools(HOIKUEN) 保育園入園
If both parents are working, you may need to place your baby in a nursery school (HOIKUEN).
Apply for a place in an authorized nursery at your municipal office. Please start the application process well in advance.
Day care costs vary according to the family income.


⑰Kindergarten(YOUCHIEN)/ Early childhood Center(KODOMOEN) 幼稚園・こども園入園
If your children are not in a nursery school, they can enter Kindergarten (YOUCHIEN) in the April following their 3rd birthday until the time they enter elementary school. This will help them to learn about Japanese society and cooperating in groups before starting school. Early childhood center (KODOMOEN) are located in Kindergartens in some municipalities. For further details, please ask at the municipal office.