⑥Birth registration 出生届
The birth should be registered at the municipal office of your place of residence within 14 days.


⑦Subsidy system for medical treatment fee of babies and children(SHOUNI-IRYOUHI-JYOSEI) 小児医療費助成
Babies and children’s medical subsidy eligibility card (SHOUNI-IRYOU-SHOU) will be issued for the baby from the date of birth and you will receive a free health checkup. However, the terms and conditions depend on the municipality. So please check the details at the municipal office of your place of residence.

Baby’s health insurance
You can apply for your baby’s health insurance card at the same time if you are a member of National Health Insurance. (For members of Social Insurance, you can apply at your work by Baby’s One-month Checkup.)



⑧Child allowance 児童手当
A child allowance (JIDOU-TEATE) is paid to persons who have registered as residents in Japan and are raising children (up to Jr. High school student) who meet the requirements to receive a child allowance. (There is an income limit.) And please note that the present condition form (GENKYOU TODOKE) must be presented every year.


⑨Birth contact sheet 出生連絡票
Birth contact sheet (SHUSSEI RENRAKUHYOU) is used for home visit for the newborn baby. The sheet is usually attached to Maternal and Child Health Handbook. Please do not forget to submit.
For immigration procedures, you need to go to the municipal office and get “Certificate of Acceptance of Birth Report” and “Certificate of Residence” of baby and guardian.